Consistory & Community Activities


The leadership of the church meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM in the Library in Detterline Hall.  Church members are welcome anytime during the open session at the beginning of these meetings.

Have a question for your Consistory? Email us at: 

Jim Ottinger, Elder, President 
Marcia Bittner, Elder, Vice President 
Maria Rosenberger, Deacon, Secretary 
Anthony DiBattista, Elder 
Mary Milns, Deacon 
Rob Osborn, Deacon 
Nora  Jenkins, Elder

Paul Baringer, Treasurer 
Sue Ottinger, Financial Secretary 

Needle Night

Needle Night meets every Monday night from 7 pm till 9 pm. Everyone brings their crafts and projects, eats, laughs, and talks and gets a little done on their crafting projects. Come and join us! Non-members are welcome too!

Community Dinners

Community Dinners are typically on the last Friday of the month. All are welcome. Please check the calendar for the date each month.


The choir practices once a week and performs in church on Sundays during the school year.  The choir is always looking for new voices.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Judy Hahn.


The Dorcas Class meets the first Tuesday of each month at 10:30AM in the fellowship hall.

Dorcas was formed in the 1920s by the Ladies Class of St. Peter's Reformed Church of Knauertown (now St. Peter UCC).  They met for prayer, scripture reading, fun, and quilting.  Today's Dorcas Class still meets once a month except January and February due to the normally inclement weather.  Amidst all of the exciting and wonderful things that Dorcas does, they still find time to support the Annual Christmas Bazaar by making crafts and wonderful things from the oven.  There are no age limits - so ladies, please call and join today and see how easily you fit into the family at St. Peter.

St. Peter UCC 2017 Calendar Of Events: 

All events listed below are those led by members of our church.  Please also consult the calendar for the Coventry-Warwick Ministerium for events in our wider fellowship.

Link to Hall Calendar
January 7 - First Sunday and Fellowship

January 13 - Flea Market

January 26 - Community Dinner

February 4 - First Sunday and Fellowship

February 10 - Flea Market

February 11 - Annual Congregational Meeting & Pot Luck Lunch

February 18 – First Sunday of Lent

February 23 - Community Dinner

February 25 – Scout Sunday

March 4 - First Sunday & Fellowship;

March 10 - Flea Market

March 25 - Palm and Passion Sunday

March 29 - Maundy Thursday Worship

March 30 - Community Dinner

April 1 – Easter Sunday, including Sunrise Service,

and Traditional worship

April 14 - Flea Market

April 27 - Community Dinner

May 3 – National Day of Prayer

May 6 - First Sunday and Fellowship

May 12 - Flea Market
May 12 - Chicken BBQ

May 25 - Community Dinner

June 3 - First Sunday and Fellowship

June 9- Flea Market

June 29 - Community Dinner

July 1 - First Sunday and Fellowship

July 14 - Flea Market

July 27 - Community Dinner

August 5 - First Sunday and Fellowship

August 11 - Flea Market

August 31 - Community Dinner

September 2 - First Sunday and Fellowship

September 8 - Flea Market

September 15 - “Cruisin’ for Christ” Car Show

September 28 - Community Dinner

October 7 - First Sunday and Fellowship

October 13 - Flea Market

October 26 - Community Dinner

November 4 - First Sunday and Fellowship

November 10 - Church Christmas Bazaar & Flea Market

November 23 - Community Dinner

December 2 - First Sunday of Advent; First Sunday and Fellowship

December 8 - Flea Market

December 24 - Christmas Eve Worship

December 28 - Community Dinner